About EE Incentives

EE Incentives, a division of EnergyEarth, offers innovative incentive solutions for a variety of programs. EE Incentives’ programs are designed to support our partner’s objectives and provide a focused, strategic approach to sales and growth. By combining traditional incentives with various relevant products based on industry, our partners benefit from a robust and unique reward solution, with broad appeal and a distinct competitive advantage.


Incentive and Reward Solutions

EE Incentives offers incentive and reward solutions along with a variety of programs and platforms as an effortless option for companies who want to to drive customer behavior or motivate and engage employees. Our incentive and reward solutions can be tailored for your business and offered through your own internal company program. EE Incentives provides unique incentive and reward solutions with redemption options that allow the recipient to choose their reward and help our partners achieve the following goals:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Adopt paperless billing programs
  • Award and retain employees
  • Increase sales performance


Reward Builder

Reward Builder is an EE Incentives online portal that offers a way for companies of all sizes to create, customize, and issue reward certificates anytime without committing to minimums, investments or fees.  Reward Builder allows program administrators to build personalized Rewards for employees, volunteers, members, and customers.

To learn more about our incentive and reward programs, please visit us at eeincentives.com or contact us at 1-855-525-7665.

Help and Support

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